Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Railway group D Admit Card

Important Update for all candidates (for Paper 17 September)

Railway group D Admit Card
Railway group D Admit Card

Admit cards will be issued tomorrow for candidates of Railway Group D on September 17. Railways had announced that admits cards would be issued four days before the date of examination. Apart from this, the examination date, city and shift of the remaining candidates will be announced tomorrow, which was not done on September 09. On September 09, only the candidates of the examination (CEN 02 2018, Level 1 Posts) exam city, date, shift information have been issued, whose exams have been fixed between September 17 to October 16. I.e. candidates who will be examined after October 16, will be given the correct examination date, city and shift notice tomorrow.

The examination will be 90 minutes i.e., one and a half hours. For the brightest candidates, this examination will be of 120 minutes. In this examination 100 questions will be asked. Candidates should keep in mind that this examination also has negative marking. On three incorrect answers, a point will be deducted. The second most important thing is that candidates will have to take their actual identity card. Because the photocopied identity card will not be valid.

Keep these things in mind

1. Do not forget to take the Admit Card before learning for the examination. You will be given admission in the examination center after seeing the admittance card.

2. Identity card  - At times your identity card is also seen at the Exam Center. In this case, before leaving the examination, keep your identity card too. This can be your voting letter, driving license, Aadhar card.

3. Do not carry mobile phones at the Exam Center The use of mobile phones at the examination centers is prohibited.

4. Time to leave from home - Before going to the examination center, take special care of the fact that leave home from time to time. So that you can reach the examination center from time to time.

5. Avoid trafficked roots- Avoid catching traffic routes to move from home to the examination center. Try also to arrive at the examination center shortly before.


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