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What is Cloud, what is Cloud storage ?

What is Cloud?

Whether you are mobile or computer, you may be hearing about cloud storage for data storage everywhere today. But you know what this cloud storage is and how it is used. - Learn What Cloud Storage and How to Use It

  • What is cloud storage

The data we store in mobile, computer and pen drive etc. is the digital medium of data storage. There is a virtual medium to store cloud storage data. The data is not in the local drive of your phone or computer. The digital data of your phone or computer is stored on another company's server and you can access this data in many ways. This data is managed by the hosting company. The application is supported for data storage in it. Space to store data in cloud storage is provided by different companies.

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What is Cloud, what is Cloud storage ?
What is Cloud, what is Cloud storage ?

  • How to use the cloud service

You do not need any special applications to access the available data in the local drive, but the data available in the cloud can be accessed through a particular application. You can use cloud storage from both mobile and computer, and in both places you will need that app.

The way you need an ID and password for email, use of the cloud service also requires an ID and password. In order to use the cloud storage service, internet service is active in your phone, laptop, tablet or other device. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Icloud and Amazon Cloud Drive are the most popular cloud storage services.

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What is Cloud, what is Cloud storage ? Full details
What is Cloud, what is Cloud storage ?

  • Google Drive:  Cloud

As the name implies, it's Google's cloud storage service. Google Drive is already integrated into Android phones. In Google Drive, you can login with your Gmail ID and password. In Google Drive, you can back up other file folders including your photos, videos and music. When you choose the share option in the file folder available in the phone, you will see the option of Google Drive. From here, you can store data on Google Drive. Android phones can back up photos and videos on Google Drive. This option is in the gallery setting.

The Windows version of Google Drive is also available for free. You can download and install it on your desktop. To share files from desktop to Google Drive, you just have to drag or drop or copy paste. You can access store files from the desktop on mobile. From there you can access Store File Folder from the desktop on the desktop.

  • Drop Box:  Cloud
Although Dropbox is a third-party app, its biggest feature is that Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile and Android phones are available for free for all three. You can also store your Android phone data in this application and backup it in Desktop and Windows Phone. However, to use this, you must have an ID of the Drop Box. Dropbox integration is already available in many mobile phones including HTC.


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